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Turning Science Fiction Into Science Reality
You are welcome to view my introductory slides from the 2011 Emerging Technologies Update Day.  (click on image or title to view/download)
This year I'm entering an exciting new phase in my career, getting ready for the publication of the first in a series of books I'm writing, beginning a new academic affiliation (at Villanova University) and pursuing a very active "semi-retirement."  My current book involves nanotechnology and my next 2 books will include a new ebook edition of my 1984 book THE HOME COMPUTER WARS, and an autobiography that includes 100 rare unpublished photos of celebrities I've encountered over the years (Bob Hope, Billy Graham, Jane Fonda...to name a few).
Innovator in Residence - Villanova University.   In June 2014, I was honored to become Innovator in Residence at Villanova University, where I will be actively involved with the ICE Center (ICE stands for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship).  I'll be co-hosting the first annual Villanova Innovation Update Day on December 5, 2014.  I'll also be designing workshops, teaching and advising students, and working with industry partners.  Villanova is one of America's highest rated academic institutions, and a leading academic center for the study and teaching of innovation.
FALL 2014 - Nanoinnovation: What Every Manager Needs to Know - Wiley-VCH - I'm racing to finish the final proofing of my new book which is available now for pre-order.  This book provides an entertaining, informative guide for managers across industries who want to know "what's really happening" in nanotechnology that could impact their industries and markets.  I interviewed more than 150 nano-insiders as part of my research and I've been told this will be the most authoritative book available on nanotechnology innovations.  I designed the book for use as a nanotechnology textbook and for anyone who needs to get up to date fast on everything nano.  Topics range from nano-optics and nanomaterials to bionanotechnology and nanomedicine
I am continuing to help develop emerging technologies, disruptive innovations and guide industry transformation - as an author/speaker, consultant and innovation champion.  I've been a technology pioneer myself - best known for my role in the development of the first home computer.  My interests range from nanotechnology and biosciences to global climate change.  In 2010 I earned a master's degree in environmental studies to round out my understanding of "green" technologies and solutions - my master's project was entitled "The Paradoxes of Global Warming."  I'm constantly researching radical innovations as they appear on the horizon.  I tend to lead a somewhat adventurous life - my hobbies include fossil hunting, scuba diving, fishing and every year my wife and I spend a week or two in the Yucatan.  You can also see some candid photos on my international Facebook Page.
I should mention that I am extremely grateful for my 19 years at the University of Pennsylvania, which gave me a unique vantage point on cutting edge innovations that ranged from Internet and mobile apps to gene therapy and other medical breakthroughs, from space technology to quadrotors.  I joined the Wharton School in 1995 as managing director, to launch and help lead the Emerging Technologies Management Research Program, which in 2001 became the Mack Center for Technological Innovation and in 2003 the Mack Institute for Innovation Management.  
After my NanoInnovation book comes out this Fall, I'll have a pretty busy schedule so if you want to involve me in a speaking or consulting project, please contact me well in advance.  Thanks.

On December 5, 2014, I'll be co-hosting the first annual Villanova Innovation Update Day.  Technology pioneers and experts will be providing an update on a variety of cutting edge innovations that have the potential to reshape industries and markets, and change the world.

Innovation-Focused Thought Leadership  
I've been a keynote speaker, workshop leader and panelist at a wide variety of industry and academic events that involve radical and disruptive innovation.  My current interests include: the Internet of Things, nanomedicine, the impact of global climate change, and cutting edge innovations such as driverless cars, Google glass, exoskeletons, flying drones, 3D printing, the Star Trek tricorder...to name a few.  When I do a presentation for an industry event, I often try to schedule meetings or workshops where I can help lead discussions and brainstorming sessions on specific projects/initiatives.
Here a few of my favorite activities from the past few years.

In 2012, I was a keynote speaker at the A.R.T.O.I. conference for cancer specialists, in Rome, Italy (above) and I also helped commemorate the VIGAMUS (Videogame and Computing Museum) in Rome which has a picture of me and Jack Tramiel and the story of Commodore (where I helped develop the first home computers in the 1980s).  My wife joked that you know you're a "living fossil" when you get your picture in a museum!
 My role in the development and launch of the first home computers at Commodore in the 1980s (that's me in 1980) means that I receive requests for interviews from all over the world.  I'm currently updating and getting ready to publish a new edition of my book THE HOME COMPUTER WARS, which has become a favorite of rare book collectors and retrocomputing enthusiasts. 
In Summer 2011 I spent a memorable week at the University of Leeds in Manchester, UK, doing some teaching and helping doctoral students from all over Europe develop innovation-related topics for their Ph.D. theses (below).




Here are photos of me "in action" at the Wharton School where I 
was privileged to help design, host and promote more than 100 conferences and workshops during my tenure at the ET Program/Mack Center/Mack Institute at the Wharton School in Philadelphia.



About Me and My Family

My wife Nancy and I
enjoy scuba diving, fishing, adventure travel and fossil hunting. This is me with our dog Mudget, a white Pomeranian.  When we were looking for a pet, Nan wanted a dog and I've always had cats so when she asked, "Can we have a dog?" I said, "As long as it looks like a cat."  As you can see, we compromised on a "catdog".  Mudget looks like a fox.  She is affectionate, quirky and just as smart as she looks.
What do innovators do for fun?
Nan and I try to squeeze in at least one scuba diving trip each year, usually in the Yucatan.  (Mentioning this gives me an excuse to show off one of my "shark hugging" photos). I also have photos "hugging" a moray eel and stingray.  I've been diving since I was a grad student at UCLA, many eons ago.   By the way, this is a nurse shark, pretty docile if you don't annoy them - this was the third shark I "hugged" that day but the photographer was never around when I had a shark, so I swam this one about 30 yards to get the picture.  Also - yes, I know I'm not supposed to remove my regulator but it makes a better photo. Nancy earned her dive certification in Mexico a few years ago.
We enjoy poking around the jungle, exploring exotic locations, ziplining, caving and taking wildlife photos.
This is us on top of Coba, the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan (above).  We both speak conversational Spanish which helps us in our travels.  
This is a photo from our Aug 2011 Yucatan trip - you can see more photos in the gallery here.  I think this picture more than any other captures our quirky, curious, fun-loving personalities.
This is a photo of Nan and me driving a jungle trail in the Mayan Riviera - at a theme park called "XPLOR" - we drove through caves, over bridges (shown here) and on steep and winding trails (May 2012).  In addition to climbing pyramids we spend a lot of time trekking and swimming/snorkeling in underground CAVES and do a lot of snorkeling and SCUBA diving.

Fossil Hunting: In Spring, 2012, Nan and I spent a weekend on our very first Fossil hunting expedition - to four sites in central Pennsylvania, including a 361 million year old site (Red Hill) where the first North American tetrapods were discovered, including the first lobe finned lungfish that crawled out onto land.  We found fossilized teeth from an ancient fish called Hyneria, and I found what I'm told may be the first reported cephalopod (michelinoceras) at an Ordovician site near Lycoming, PA.  Today we consider ourselves to be advanced amateur paoleontologists.  In the past year, we found an entirely new site for the world's oldest known tree (Wattieza - 385 million years old), and rare fossils such as Carboniferous fern seeds, and a Devonian ammonoid called Agoniatites.  By the way, fossil hunters are not sedentary - we spend a lot of time climbing like goats on rocky ledges, often perched precariously on vertical cliffs to reach ancient geological strata.
We are members of the Delaware Valley Paleontological Society and in April 2013 we hosted a display of Carboniferous fossils at the DVPS fossil fair.  You can see more photos of our fossil finds on my FACEBOOK page.  
Flying Squirrel:  This flying squirrel visited our bird feeder every night for several weeks.  This little character was remarkably tame and friendly.  We didn't know flying squirrels live in Pennsylvania.  Most people don't see them because they come out at night.  Our bird feeder is also frequented by 36 species of birds including 5 types of woodpeckers - and a friendly, well-mannered raccoon named "B.J." 


Great Lakes Gobies:  These are pictures from our 2010 trip to the Thousand Islands (St. Lawrence River, on the U.S./Canadian border) - these little fish are called "round gobies" - a non-native invasive species introduced to the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes in the 1990s, carried in the bilges of ships from other countries.  In only two decades, gobies have invaded the lower Great Lakes.  Round Gobies have been linked to the spread of a fish virus that has infected native fish species including muskies. During our boating/fishing trip we saw clusters of as many as 100 in the clear shallow waters.
Future Travel: Our "dream trip" is to rent a car and drive through southern Italy, traveling the Amalfi Coast, viewing ancient art in Pompeii/Herculaneum, etc.
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